Подать в отставку, денег подзанять
И дом купить в недальнем подмосковье.
Засеять грядки и с землей сравнять
Ту память, что рифмуется с любовью.
Смурные мысли обернув бинтом
И объявив несбывшееся вздором,
Проснувшись ночью, думать лишь о том,
Пора ль давать подкормку помидорам.
Обрезка яблонь, тыквы, кабачки -
Есть чем занять и голову, и руки.
...Соседям, закурив, втирать очки,
Что отдал тридцать лет родной науке,
Не уточнив, какой. Да все равно!
Пить с ними пиво, осуждать порядки,
Смотреть под настроение кино
И обихаживать с клубникой грядки.
Такая жизнь... А в письменном столе,
Промасленным обернут поролоном,
На всякий случай заперт пистолет
С одним-единственным в стволе патроном.

Виталий Каплан, 09.08.99; здесь ещё...

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"Mmm… damn it, I still think you underestimate him, Duke. See here, if you really do feel friendly toward him, the best thing you can do is to offer him a glass of water. Share it with him. Understand me? Become his 'Water brother.'"
"Um. I'll think about it."
"But if you do, Duke, don't fake it. If Mike accepts your offer of water-brotherhood, he'll be dead serious about it. He'll trust you utterly, no matter what - so don't do it unless you are equally willing to trust him and stand by him, no matter how rough things get. Either all out - or don't do it."
"I understood that. That's why I said, 'I'll think about it.'"
"Okay. But don't take too long making up your mind… because I expect things to get very rough before long."
"A Stranger in a Strange Land", Robert Heinlein

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"Темнота впереди", Владимир Высоцкий

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@музыка: "Темнота впереди", Владимир Высоцкий

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"When you said, 'my people' you were talking about Martians. Mike, you are not a Martian; you are a man."
"What is 'Man'?"
Jubal groaned inwardly. Mike could, he was sure, quote the full list of dictionary definitions. Yet the lad never asked a question simply to be annoying; he asked always for information - and he expected his water brother Jubal to be able to tell him. "I am a man, you are a man, Larry is a man."
"But Anne is not a man?"
"Uh… Anne is a man, a female man. A woman."
("Thanks, Jubal."-"Shut up, Anne.")
"A baby is a man? I have not seen babies, but I have seen pictures - and in the goddam-noi-in stereovision. A baby is not shaped like Anne and Anne is not shaped like you… and you are not shaped like I. But a baby is a nestling man?"
"Uh… yes, a baby is a man."
"Jubal… I think I grok that my people - 'Martians' - are man. Not shape, shape is not man. Man is grokking. I speak rightly?"
"A Stranger in a Strange Land", Robert Heinlein

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When they had left, Jubal said to Duke, "Where the hell have you been all day?"
"Doesn't pay to. Just makes you discontented with what you see around you. Any results?"
"Yes," said Duke, "I've decided that what Mike eats, or doesn't eat, is no business of mine."
"Congratulations. A desire not to butt into other people's business is at least eighty percent of all human 'wisdom… and the other twenty percent isn't very important."
"You butt into other people's business. All the time."
"Who said I was wise? I'm a professional bad example. You can learn a lot by watching me. Or listening to me. Either one."
"Jubal, if I walked up to Mike and offered him a glass of water, do you suppose he would go through that lodge routine?"
"I feel certain that he would. Duke, almost the only human characteristic Mike seems to possess is an overwhelming desire to be liked. But I want to make sure that you know how serious it is to him. Much more serious than getting married. I myself accepted water brotherhood with Mike before I understood it - and I've become more and more deeply entangled with its responsibilities the more I've grokked it. You'll be committing yourself never to lie to him, never to mislead or deceive him in any way, to stick by him come what may - because that is just what he will do with you. Better think about it."
"I have been thinking about it, all day. Jubal, there's something about Mike that makes you want to take care of him."
"I know. You've probably never encountered complete honesty before - I know I hadn't. Innocence. Mike has never tasted the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil… so we, who have, don't understand what makes him tick. Well, on your own head be it. I hope you never regret it."
"A Stranger in a Strange Land", Robert Heinlein

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"I grok it," agreed Jubal. "Language itself shapes a man's basic ideas."
"Yes, but - Doctor, you speak Arabic, do you not?"
"Eh? I used to, badly, many years ago," admitted Jubal. "Put in a while as a surgeon with the American Field Service, in Palestine. But I don't now. I still read it a little… because I prefer to read the words of the Prophet in the original."
"Proper. Since the Koran cannot be translated - the 'map' changes on translation no matter how carefully one tries. You will understand, then, how difficult I found English. It was not alone that my native language has much simpler inflections and more limited tenses; the whole 'map' changed. English is the largest of the human tongues, with several times the vocabulary of the second largest language - this alone made it inevitable that English would eventually become, as it did, the lingua franca of this planet, for it is thereby the richest and the most flexible - despite its barbaric accretions… or, I should say, because of its barbaric accretions. English swallows up anything that comes its way, makes English out of it. Nobody tried to stop this process, the way some languages are policed and have official limits… probably because there never has been, truly, such a thing as 'the King's English' - for 'the King's English' was French. English was in truth a bastard tongue and nobody cared how it grew… and it did! - enormously. Until no one could hope to be an educated man unless he did his best to embrace this monster.
"Its very variety, subtlety, and utterly irrational, idiomatic complexity makes it possible to say things in English which simply cannot be said in any other language. It almost drove me crazy… until I learned to think in it - and that put a new 'map' of the world on top of the one I grew up with. A better one, in many ways - certainly a more detailed one.
"But nevertheless there are things which can be said in the simple Arabic tongue that cannot be said in English."
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"Now take this one word: 'grok.' Its literal meaning, one which I suspect goes back to the origin of the Martian race as thinking, speaking creatures - and which throws light on their whole 'map' - is quite easy. 'Grok' means 'to drink.'"
"Huh?" said Jubal. "But Mike never says 'grok' when he's just talking about drinking. He-"
"Just a moment." Mahmoud spoke to Mike in Martian.
Mike looked faintly surprised and said, "'Grok' is drink," and dropped the matter.
"But Mike would also have agreed," Mahmoud went on, "if I had named a hundred other English words, words which represent what we think of as different concepts, even pairs of antithetical concepts. And 'grok' means all of these, depending on how you use it. It means 'fear,' it means 'love,' it means 'hate' - proper hate, for by the Martian 'map' you cannot possibly hate anything unless you grok it completely, understand it so thoroughly that you merge with it and it merges with you - then and only then can you hate it. By hating yourself. But this also implies, by necessity, that you love it, too, and cherish it and would not have it otherwise. Then you can hate - and (I think) that Martian hate is an emotion so black that the nearest human equivalent could only be called a mild distaste."
Mahmoud screwed up his face. "It means 'identically equal' in the mathematical sense. The human clich, 'This hurts me worse than it does you' has a Martian flavor to it, if only a trace. The Martians seem to know instinctively what we learned painfully from modern physics, that the observer interacts with the observed simply through the process of observation. 'Grok' means to understand so thoroughly that the observer becomes a part of the process being observed - to merge, to blend, to intermarry, to lose personal identity in group experience. It means almost everything that we mean by religion, philosophy, and science - and it means as little to us as color means to a blind man." читать дальше
"A Stranger in a Strange Land", Robert Heinlein

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В тот страшный день, когда я поднял руку на Майона Тхиа – и бесповоротно разрушил весь свой прежний мир, а взамен сотворил… что же я такое сотворил?
Разве этого хотел – я? Разве я хотел – этого?! Разве мог хотеть?..
А кто меня спрашивал… Сотворил мир – так и живи в нем, демиург недобитый.
Шелестя травой почти нарочито, я прошел на площадку. Занял место напротив Дайра. Принял поклон своего ученика и отвесил ответный. Замер на мгновение, ловя еле ощутимый ветер.
И, когда ветер пришел, я весь без изъятия отдался его прохладным ладоням.
До рассвета, пока небо не забелело тусклым молоком, я плясал «Ветреный полдень».
А напротив меня, по другую сторону площадки, младший ученик Дайр Тоари отрабатывал основную стойку.
"Парадоксы Младшего Патриарха", Элеонора Раткевич

@музыка: "Не заходи за черту", Олег Медведев

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"Не заходи за черту", Олег Медведев

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@музыка: "Не заходи за черту", Олег Медведев

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No, that's the point. I grok people. I am people, so now I can say it in people talk. I've found out why people laugh. They laugh because it hurts so much, because it's the only thing that'll make it stop hurting.
"A Stranger in a Strange Land", Robert Heinlein

@музыка: "Полшага до песни", Олег Медведев

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The goodness is in the laughing itself. I grok it is a bravery, and a sharing, against pain and sorrow and defeat.
"A Stranger in a Strange Land", Robert Heinlein

@музыка: "Изумрудный город", Олег Медведев

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